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We offer innovative ABA therapy services to children

and individuals between the ages of 1 to 21 years old.

Our services are offered in the home, at school, and out in the community.

We customize our treatment plans based on your individualized needs.

We work closely with you to fully understand your areas of concern, goals and target

results.  After our initial assessment and consultation with you, together we will formulate

our treatment to work within your lifestyle, location and expectations to achieve the

positive results you are seeking.


In-Home ABA Therapy:

ABA therapy can be administered within your child's natural environment. We will work one on one with your child where

they feel most comfortable, at home!. With in-home therapy,

there is flexibility in scheduling and family members

can participate during session time.

Advanced Behavioral Specialists
Advanced Behavioral Specialists
Advanced Behavioral Specialists
Advanced Behavioral Specialists

Community Based ABA:

If your child needs extra support navigating the community such as going

to the grocery store, doctors visits, and more, we can join you!


This can also be a great time to generalize and practice the new skills your

child is learning such as communication skills, socialization skills,

and independent living skills.

School Based ABA:

In some cases, we can provide your child with additional support within the

school setting. Our team can work with your child and target maladaptive

behaviors that may pose as barriers towards your child's academic and

social success. We will also provide parental support with IEP meetings to

ensure your child is receiving the best services and support.

Advanced Behavioral Specialists
Advanced Behavioral Specialists
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