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Advanced Behavioral Specialists

Providing the personalized, qualified help you need...

In-Home ABA Therapy

Serving Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Specialists in providing high quality
care for children and adults with Autism
and other developmental disabilities.

Advanced Behavioral Specialists

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), is an applied science that utilizes evidence based practices and interventions with the primary focus of increasing socially significant behaviors. The field of ABA continues to grow and research strategies and interventions to ensure they are effective, safe, and ethical.

ABA services can be beneficial for children and individuals with Autism, developmental disabilities, ADHD, learning disabilities, other behavior disorders, and neurotypical children with interfering behavioral concerns.

ABA therapy can be used to increase positive behaviors while reducing maladaptive behaviors such as tantrums, aggressive behaviors, dangerous behaviors, and self-injurious behaviors. ABA therapy also focuses on teaching and strengthening skills related to language and communication, independent living, daily living, and socialization with peers. Our aim is to nurture functional living, self-advocacy and independence, for all of our clients.

Advanced Behavioral Specialists
Advanced Behavioral Specialists

Here at Advanced Behavioral Specialists, our primary focus is our clients and their families.
We do this by ensuring every decision is made with our clients best interest in mind. Our dedicated administrative staff will work hard to streamline scheduling of services and provide exceptional customer service for any questions or concerns that may arise. Our clinical team will work closely with parents and clients to ensure the most effective, beneficial, and ethical practices and interventions are administered.

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